Taiga Gold Schisandra – Wild Herbal Extracts from Siberian Taiga for Effective Pre-Workout Toning, Optimized Energy and Protein Metabolism, Natural Dietary Supplement, Vegetarian Capsules

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Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis exerts unique tonic activity resulting in healthy energy boost and safe stimulation of cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and learning. It helps to be in good physical shape and keep mind keen and clear during and after long and boring mental work or physical activity.

Taiga Gold with Schisandra chinensis was designed as a proprietary blend of extracts from wild crafted herbs of Russian Siberia. Each capsule contains dry extract of wild schisandra seeds harvested in deep Sikhote-Alin forests which effects are potentiated by extracts of rose hips, hawthorn and ash berries, and linden flowers including:
Activation of the brain mental activity;
Improvement of the sleep patterns mitigating insomnia and anxiety;
Stimulation of physical and psychotic activity with slight increase of blood pressure;
Enhanced tolerance to the harmful and extreme ambient conditions;
Reduction of the blood glucose level and activation of energy metabolism;
protection of heart from myocardial infarction.
Active compounds from herbal extracts in Taiga Gold collection are protected by structured de-esterified pectin preventing degrading influence of digestive enzymes. De-esterified pectin also acts as a powerful ion-exchange detoxifier trapping toxic substances and metabolites, and accelerating their removal from the body.
Maltodextrin provides additional energy boost potentiated by vitamin C within few minutes after intake, making the effects of the herbal extract blend stronger.

  • NATURAL: Dry seed extract of wild-crafted Schisandra chinensis from the Russian Far East with the highest active schisandrin concentration
  • EFFECTIVE: Scientifically formulated blend of healthy herbal exrtacts enhances effects of schisandra active compounds
  • GREAT TONING: Stimulation of physical activity with energy metabolism optimization improves mental performance and increases attention, alertness, memory, and decreases need for sleep. Perfect for a long boring work and before physical training.
  • OVERALL WELL-BEING: Regular intake results in normalized blood pressure, good appetites and digestive support, enhanced adaptive capacities, accelerated immune responses, reduced signs of fatigue, asthenia and depression.
  • SAFE: The ready-to-use product is made and tested in the US in the GMP compliant and FDA certified facility. Schisandrin contents are confirmed by HPLC analysis. Non-GMO and gluten-free. If you are not satisfied – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! We are committed to ensuring that every bottle meets stringent quality control procedures for purity, potency, and safety.

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