Compression Microfiber Leggings With Control Top

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Extra Firm Footless Graduated Compression Microfiber Leggings Opaque Pants (20-30 mmHg) with Control Top

Graduated compression legwear by Terramed is the most innovative compression hosiery available on the market.  Try Them Today! 

★ The unique design and high-quality materials of our medical stockings provide an unbeatable combination of comfort, affordability, and therapeutic effectiveness. Eco-friendly materials give your legs and veins healthy support and increase your energy. 

★ Our graduated medical compression hose assist your heart in circulating the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. 

How Do They Work?

◆ The blood in your veins works against gravity to flow back to your heart. Circulation problems, lack of movement (especially after an injury or surgery), or weakness in the walls of the veins of the legs (referred to as venous insufficiency) can impede that flow and result in blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet, leading to leg swelling, achiness, and leg fatigue.

◆ Compression stockings can help blood move from the veins back to the heart by squeezing the leg tissues and walls of the veins. Compression stocking pressure can improve the flow of the fluid (called lymph) that bathes the cells in the legs reducing tissue swelling. 

◆ Terramed medical graduated compression stockings can also improve comfort in anyone sitting or standing for long periods. Improving the flow of blood and lymph makes legs feel less tired.  

Who Uses Them? 

✔ People with or at risk for circulation problems, like DVT, varicose veins, or diabetes

✔ People who've just gotten surgery, are bed-ridden or have a hard time moving their legs

✔ People who stand all day at work

✔ Athletes

✔ Pregnant women

✔ People who spend long stretches of time on airplanes, like pilots

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